~ New Journey, 25th September ~

29 October 2010

25th September 2010, another new journey came into my life.
This amazing and wonderful journey started unconsciously.
Unconsciously, i fall in love with this "Journey".
I hope this journey can long-lasting and till forever. =)
First time i had this strong feeling that this "Journey" can hold abiding.
I believe this journey will be a very interesting and happy story.
Every chapter is full with love, sharing, understanding, and forgiving.
Although there are some obstacles and hurdles that we will facing or having now, but i believe in as long as we hold our hand tightly and walk together, we can cross it at the last.
Do you think so, my "Journey"??
Dear "Journey", thanks for came into my life.
The pathway of my life are all crafted well into ur perfect plan....i know and i totally believe.
"Journey" - YOU will be the ONLY one journey in my whole life from now.


20nd August 2010


I am waiting for the last exam paper (FST 3113) near cyber here.
Today is Friday, so quiet, no any voice at all here.
Looking at the window, the sky was so dark, seem like will raining soon.
Looking at the people here, everyone was holding the notes and study and study again!!!
But only me...facebooking, gmail and blogging. *wasting time* =)
Just want to faster get inside to the room and finish the last exam paper asap.
Feel very tired..hectic and exhausting in this 2 weeks.
Just want to sit in front of labtop to watch some funny show or movie in room.
Or sleeping?? Or eating?? Or other plans??
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Planning will go Times Square/S.Wang with Xin Lei this Saturday.
  • Planning will go MidValley to watch *Step Up 3* with Poh York,Chye Lin and Xin Lei at Sunday.
  • Planning will go Pasar Malam at next Monday or play badminton with coursemates at night??
  • Planning go for a bicycle riding at Wednesday. Alone?? With Friends??
  • Planning go back home next Thursday. HOME SWEET HOME
  • To see my Daughter, lovely family and friends. =) I miss them so much!!!
Wow..when think of this, i feel so happy and excited right now.
Hope that the Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamin and Mineral exam paper wont kill me later.
Good Luck to myself!!! Fighting..+ oil.


Looking for internship (Industrial Traninng)

4nd August 2010

I was so headache and feel like cant breath now.
I had called/email to so many Food Factories to look for internship opportunity.
My internship will start from 3rd January 2011 till 2nd July 2011.
But some of them never accept intern before and just refuse me.
Some more,they(Kakak / Abang in the office) like to transfer the call to another departments, u have to wait and wait.
Sometimes, no people pick up the call also. *Sucks
Have to repeated call so many many times.
Wasting money and time only.
I look at the Google Maps again and again.
To find a suitable factory is very difficult. (Super super difficult).
I need to consider so many aspects like transportation, accommodation, public transport etc.
I want to find a factory which is nearby to my aunt's house in Bangsar.
It will be more convenient to me.
Finally, i had searched F&N Dairies Factory which located nearby to UM(University Malaya).
I called to the Factory, a girl pick up the call.
I told her my purpose and hope she can accept me as intern and having my industrial training there.
1st question she asked was : "What is ur CGPA"??
Wow..a very straight question.
I told her and she want me sent her my CV first.
Through this, i knew that Food factories in Malaysia can be so reality also. **Sad
They just want good academic student.

*** End***


Semester break 2009

Oooo...what i did during semester break?? Sound interesting right..ya..my holiday was pretty cool and awesome!!!!
After my final exams..i went back home for 10 days...watched tv..facebooking...checking mail...did household...et cetera. My10 days life keep on repeating....

After 10 days...is the time...is the time went to UUM for Pre-MyLDS,MyLDS and MNC!!!! wow...i felt excited to be there!!! The conference started form 3rd until 11th December. I met a lot of new friends there..include junior of AIESECers. We have fun together. Learnt a lot of new strategic form other LCs...listen to so many good opinion and ideas that our LCs never think of. Ya...i got receives so many sugar cubes as well...so sweet!! =) Took our "LC photos" too..family photos..wakaka..!!!! Everyday got fresh "gossip papers", "wish papers" and "punishments" from delegates...I was enjoy to look at the performances. One more nice event at the first day of MyLDS..*chiang chiang chiang*...it was Gala dinner!!! Although the preparation time for us was quite short and we all rush like hell...but it was worth to be there!!

I felt sorry was i able to attend the conference till 9th only because i flight to Taiwan at 10th!!! It was my 1 week trip...Taiwan..my another holiday's plan. HOOO...i only can say that...Taiwan was so nice and totally different from Malaysia!!! Conclusion is "i will go there again in my future". =)

After my Taiwan trip, i GOT my car driving license!!! I was so happy...finally finally finally i got it. Yeah..*clap clap clap*.

After i got my car license...4 more days...only 4 days..i came back to UPM le..starting my semester 4!!! wow..such horrible...!! =)

*That was how i spent my whole semester break. I felt so fullness and didnt waste time at all for this semester break!!! =)


mY Favourites...^.^

(my super ring & tyre biscuit..yummy)

(snake and aeroplane games)

(cards cards cards)

(a 8-sweet,tora and ding dang)


Recall back from my memories, the junk foods I love the most were “SUPER RING”, “TYRE BISCUIT-轮胎饼”, and lollipop. Now I grew up as adult but I still love to eat this type “old foods”. Haha..yummy yummy!! Well, in the cartoon movie part, I love to watched Teletubbies, Barney, and Teacher ABC (a Chinese education movie”. Every time when TV broadcast the cartoon movies, I will sticked in front of TV and never leave half-step until I finished it!! Anyone also cannot turn to other channels because I am the “Queen” in my house before my little brother had popped out. OK..Ok..maybe I quite dictatorship but kid should have their privilege right??

Now, I want to talk about the food I most most most dislike…u guy want to know what is that? It is a yellow content..i think mostly people like to eat gua!! Haha..it was corn..i dislike because it was smelly, disgusting and not nice to eat…I am a “corn phobia”. My friends said that I am a freak people when saw I purposely picked out the small corns from any foods. Before I popped out, my family was stayed under a same roof with my grandparent. The 10 days after I popped out, my family move to a new house which is nearby to ancient house (just next to 3 houses). This was what as mum told me. I always went to grandparent there to play with cousins, that time grandparent like to give me ate corn. My brain will start thinking that they were teased me!! I was stunning and became dumbstruck for few seconds. But I will pretend ate a bit in front of them, this is the way to make them feel ease and not disappointed. When they are not mention, I will throw the corns to dustbin. I know it was quite ridiculous but I really don’t like corn. I am “anti-corn”…..yeah! *.*

Hmmm…my favorite games were playing cards such as “HAPPY FAMILY, OLD MAID, SEA KING, TARZAN BOY, COMBAT, DONKEY, ALI BABA AND FORTY-THIEVES, UNO, MONOPOLY”. Other than cards, I also love to play chess like “SNAKE (蛇棋), AEROPLANE, BLACK AND WHITE (黑白棋)”. I always played it with neighbor’s kids during free time. Sometimes, I will took it to school and played with schoolmates. Haha, school is not allowed students bring those games. During school’s holiday, cousins used chalk to draw grids on ground to play game (play by single leg to jump between grids). Or we played “guli-guli” on sand. It’s great when won other’s “guli-guli” (I am so bad,haha). Sometimes we also play “eraser games”, “o-piak (a type of colorful cartoon paper)” by different ways to collect as many as I can.

I am a village girl who live near paddy field. So, I can experience to play kite near paddy field when the wind is strong enough. Some more, I make the kite by myself. ^.^ Then, at night time, my siblings always bring me to play hide-and-seek with neighbor’s kids. It was so excited (especially the housing areas are dark). Hide at upper tree, under the car, in neighbor’s house…any any places that can hide myself to prevent get caught by seeker. Haha, I still remember it. Unforgettable memories when look back….so sweet!! ^.^ I love it.
#(left is grandma...right is grandma also~mum's mum)#

#(mum with grandpa..外公)#

#(granma with all her grandchildren,she look happy)#

Talk about my kind and caring grandparent, they passed away few years le, but I always miss them!! Miss them a lot…a lot. Their face, sound, body that I always bear in mind. They are “Hakka客家人” people and never speak Chinese. The was some difficulty when I chat with them because my “Hakka” was not so fluent as them. Can imagine the situation is just like “a duck talk with a chick (鸡同鸭讲), that why there always create a lot of miscommunication between me and grandparent. Haha..sometimes I only nod my head and it show I understood what they had said (speechless is useful). ^.^

They love and sayang me so much, one time I was sly into their room and stole my grandpa’s shaver. I starting shave my face..suddenly I cried loudly and grandparent ran asap to check what happened to me. Their face look so awful when saw my chin bleeding like hell. They quickly helped me washed the wound and at the same time they comfort me. I think it really works, it make me felt painless and touch. This accident had left a scar on my chin and turned became a lesson for me!! Never forgot it….


Kindergarten's life..^.^

~(my frens n teachers)~

~(i m the 2nd from right,singing)~
~(dancing,i m the 4th from left)~
~(standing,2nd from right,we were dance "红彩妹妹")~

Lets talk about my kindergarten’s life, it was so happy and careless with all the friends there. I love drawing because if my drawing get five “stars”, then teacher will hang it near notice board so that everyone can see it. I can collect a “stamp” too and it has to be accumulated until 10 stamps, then I can get a gift from teacher. Haha..that how a teacher “grab” our heart to work hard in homework ma. Otherwise, a cheeky kid like me wouldn’t pay attention in the class.
Then, every Monday teacher have to check our fingernail, is it short and clean enough. If we surpass expectation, we also can get a cute, colourful cartoon “stamp”. As a kid, everyone likes to collect different cartoon “stamp”, so that we can show off to each other . Haha..a sweet and “formidable” situation. There’s a playground outside my classroom, during recess time I always played with friends. Play until my body sweat.
Actually, my strongest memory on kindergarten’s life was the “bihun soup”(米粉汤) provided by aunty. Frankly, the ingredient in bihun soup was just fish ball , but the simple taste was the greatest taste I ever had in my life. I never forget the “simple” taste.
I also ever represented my kindergarten went for dancing competition, but I forgot the result le. I think not bad gua. During graduation, I involved in dancing and singing parts. I still remember some of my dancing partners. Haha, I love to perform, mum will help me dress nicely and pretty. Make up time, put on some lipstick, bright shinning eye shadow- I like it. Haha..u all can see through my photos.